Sorry, but there's something wrong with the readers of the Sunday Times' Culture magazine. Of those questioned, none of them liked it, with one saying 'I wish they'd stayed out.' Presumably they've never heard of the terms 'bittersweet', 'pathos', 'subtlety' or 'narrative.' In this penultimate episode of the real-time dramady, Roger lies almost mute in bed in the spare room. Val tries hard to reach him, but there's more to this crisis than the recent news about his father. Roger reveals that, alone in the house, he has followed grief counselling advice and written out an idealised self-image; however he has mistakenly emailed it to his management team at work. Hideously embarrassed, he and Val try to salvage the situation, but it leads to a terrible and definite schism between them. For the first time in the series, someone leaves the house. If it's something a bit more obvious you're after, David Mitchelle and Lee Mack are joined by Patrick Kielty, actor Bernard Cribbins, Dragons' Den judge Deborah Meaden and comedian Mark Watson on Would I Lie To You at 10.35pm on BBC1.