This observational series follows six families as they achieve what many of us can only dream of: swapping the day-to-day grind for life-changing adventures in remote corners of the world. Their itineraries are as varied as their budgets, but each parent is equally determined to show their children a way of life far removed from their own; without life's usual comforts and little luxuries. But what happens when an African road trip results in a car crash involving young children, miles from medical aid and family support? Kicking off the series are the Willmotts. Cocooned by wealth and private schooling, John Willmott, 55, and his three children - Cyrus (12), Emile (nine) and Eliane (six) - have lived a charmed existence. But now mum Rafia, 33, wants to burst their privileged bubble, hoping the whole family will learn some valuable lessons. In the Himalayas, the Mongolian steppes and deep in the Papuan rainforest, she seeks out places and people untouched by the modern world. Viewers over in England will be brought back down to earth swiftly thanks to an airing of Shane Meadow's This Is England at 11.10pm.