OJD. Obsessive Jedward Disorder. That it what every person interviewed on this show is... especially Wayne Rooney's cousin. Seen last night on ITV2, this documentary following twin X Factor stars Jedward as they move out of home for the first time. Cameras are with the boys as they try out life in their swanky new Dublin flat, fending for themselves and sleeping in separate bedrooms. The experience gets off to a rocky start when the pair arrive at their new apartment (one of the them carries the other one up the stairs) to find no running water... OHMYGOD! Luckily they've got their 'road manager'. Liam from Six... If you don't find yourself grinning like an eejit at the twins' bits to camera, best switch off before you start questioning the future of humanity. To quote one of their fans "they really are one of a kind... even though they're are two of them."