Don't judge us. It is weirdly compelling viewing... like, how do such people function in society. Ah. They're facilitated. In this second episode, Jedward have just flown in from the UK after performing a sell-out gig. They have been living on their own for two days but have only just realised they need to buy some essentials. With a budget of 250euros they take a trip to Ikea, and as they race around the store with John pushing Edward in a trolley, they are more interested in buying fairy lights and pet accessories (?)than buying furniture for their new pad. In other pressing happenings; the boys film the video for their second single, but the shoot gets off to a shaky start and for once the twins struggle to agree on creative matters. Later, they relax with some friends, who do not seem to be too impressed by the brothers' catering skills, and try speed-dating.