Is it Colin Faddle's birthday or summat? Between this and Intermission (11.45pm, BBC2) Faddler's all over the box tonight. We'd take Brendan Gleeson over Cillian Murphy any day, so we'll be tuning into his black comedic turn from 2008. Two hitmen are ordered to lie low in Belgium after an assignment goes tragically wrong. Trying to pass themselves off as ordinary tourists in the medieval city of Bruges, the bickering duo get caught up in a string of surreal misadventures - and then they learn the real and sinister reason why their unstable boss sent them there in the first place. This enjoyable black comedy stars Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Ralph Fiennes and Clemence Poesy. The even more brilliant Stand By Me follows at 00.05am. Treat yourself to something nice if you can watch the whole of the infamous pie eating contest scene.