Coinciding with the second anniversary of the controversial Irish government bank guarantee, this two part documentary series tells the story of how a huge property bubble, fuelled by the lending practices of the Irish banking system, brought the Irish economy precariously close to the edge. The series recounts in detail the dramatic events, both global and national, in the fortnight leading up to the banking guarantee and traces the origins of this unprecedented crisis back 25 years to the era when financial deregulation began, with a promise of economic stability and new-found wealth for all. To quote one of the featured contributors, Bertie Ahern: 'They were bank mistakes, bank errors, bank regulations, and when we asked about those we got the glossy answer they were running their businesses well.' He also got some bucks to pass. For something more inspiring, stay tuned to RTE1 for Blind Man Walking at 10.35pm; charting the efforts of Mark Pollock, an athlete and academic who lost his sight, to compete in the South Pole Race.