Over 15,000 domestic workers leave their families to come to Britain every year. Charities claim that many are not only badly treated but that they are living as slaves. This report investigates the plight of overseas domestic workers brought to the UK, and enslaved behind closed doors by rich and powerful employers in the upper levels of British society. Dispatches goes undercover as some of the employers accused of modern-day slavery are confronted on camera about how they have treated their workers. Many are paid less than £50 a week for 20 hour days and some wages are withheld completely. Even children face similar horrendous conditions. The programme also investigates claims that foreign diplomats are among the worst offenders in this flourishing form of modern slavery. This documentary is part of a series of programmes highlighting slavery and trafficking, including the three-part documentary series The Hunt for Britain's Sex Traffickers and the drama I Am Slave, which follows.