Stepping up to the plate are series 2 winner - quick-witted, cheeky Irish chappy Brian Dowling; Big Brother 5 champion - passionate, Portuguese Nadia Almada; 2007 winner - Essex wide-boy Brian Belo; and last year's gorgeous victor - glamour model Sophie Reade. The week starts with Brian Dowling, who quickly regrets presenting a rather easy menu. Nadia makes it clear from the outset that she is going to be quick with the criticisms and is less than impressed with some of Sophie's dopey comments (she asks if potatoes grow on trees) or Brian's uncouth behaviour. On night two Nadia is convinced that she's going to win with her authentic Portuguese menu. It's not long before conversation turns to this week's hot topic - breasts - and an eye-watering anecdote from Nadia leaves everyone shocked. Brian Belo's night involves farcical scenes as the novice chef attempts a series of ambitious dishes, and Sophie Reade's dinner ends on a sour note when one of the guests has an angry outburst. Here's a hint; they used to be a man.