Set in the South of France, Sky Atlantic's drama 'Riviera' is about as lavish a TV show as you can imagine, with stunning visuals of a part of the world where some of the wealthiest people live. It stars Julia Stiles as Georgina Clios, an American art curator who is thrown into an unknown murky world of double-dealing and crime following the death of her billionaire husband in a yacht accident.

Determined to find out what really happened, Georgina starts to realise her husband Constantine may not have been the man she thought he was after all. As well as that, she also has a few step kids and an ex-wife (played by the fabulous Lena Olin) to contend with.

Part compelling family drama, part thrilling crime series, season 1 of 'Riveria' proved to be Sky's most popular Original Series with a second season kicking off on Thursday, May 23.