If you've watched Narcos, you'll know that Pablo Escobar sat on a vast, unbridled fortune for several years - and, in that time, bought several properties around the world.

While most of them were either seized, abandoned or destroyed in his war with the other cartels and the US, some still survive - and one, in particular, has been turned into a hotel. Casa Malca, near the idyllic beach of Tulum in Mexico, has been turned into a 42-room hotel that's every bit as luxurious as you'd expect.

The mansion was owned by Escobar, who was a frequent visitor to the area before his death in 1993, however you won't find any cocaine or AK-47s underneath the beds or in the cupboards of the hotel. In fact, there's pretty much nothing in the hotel that acknowledges Escobar ever owned it, or for that matter, lived there as often as he did.

Still, the hotel's become known for the connection - and considering rooms start at $450 per night, they're undoubtedly able to charge people for the privilege of staying in Escobar's mansion.


Via Metro.co.uk