The much anticipated 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie' arrives on Netflix on Friday morning with Aaron Paul reprising his role as Walter White's partner in crime Jesse Pinkman.

'Breaking Bad' creator and writer Vince Gilligan is at the helm of the movie with its star Aaron Paul describing it as "a chapter of ‘Breaking Bad’ that I didn’t realize that I wanted".

It's been six years since the final credits rolled on the hugely popular 'Breaking Bad' and while there's no doubt you'll never forget that searing image of Walter White lying dead on the floor or Jesse's burst to freedom, you understandably may be a little foggy on the specifics of how the show ended.

You may have told yourself you would watch the last few episodes in preparation, but just in case you didn't have time, we've watched them for you.

El Camino A Breaking Bad MovieAaron Paul in 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie'

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman had a fractious relationship throughout the show, but it was Pinkman discovering that White was behind the poisoning of his girlfriend Andrea’s son, Brock, that truly brought their partnership to a bitter end. (White's justification for doing so was to manipulate Jesse into turning against Gus.)

Jesse then teams up with Walter's brother-in-law Hank, who at last discovered that Walter is the drug kingpin Heisenberg. Meanwhile, Walter gets in touch with Todd Alquist (Jesse Plemons) and puts out a hit on Jesse with the help of Todd's white supremacist uncle Jack.

Hank then hatches a plan to flush out Walter White by pretending Jesse has found the $80 million dollars he has previously buried in the desert. This leads Walt to call Jack to give him the coordinates of where the money is in order to kill Jesse.

However, when Walt gets to the spot in the desert, nobody is there and he realises he was set up and his phone has led Jesse to exactly where the money is buried. Walt hides as Hank, Gomez and Jesse arrives and phones Jack to call off the plan because his brother-in-law has shown up.


Hank arrests Walter and reads him his rights but then Jack and his henchmen show up guns blazing leading to a showdown with the detectives.

This leads to the beginning of one of the show's most famous episodes 'Ozymandias' which sees Walter begging for Hank's life to no avail as Jack shoots him point-blank in the head. It's a devastating moment as Walter falls to the ground and lies crying in the sand as Jack and his gang then dig up and take all of his money bar one crate.

The men set out to find Pinkman but to no avail and are about to leave when Walter reveals he knows where he is. As he was lying crying on the ground, he spotted Jesse hiding under a car the whole time, and betrays him completely by ratting him out to Jack asking him to "finish the job".

Jack and Todd decide to hold Jesse captive instead to initially find out what he told the police, and as they walk away with him, Walters adds even more insult to a hell of a lot of injury by telling Jesse that he watched Jane die.

Sigh, Walter really was the worst.

Later, Walter attempts to get the hell out of dodge and tries to convince Skyler and Walt Jr to come with him, but they've had enough. Skyler and Walter end up fighting with a knife, and Walter then decides to run off but takes baby Holly with him.


A huge search for them both ensues, with Walter then calling Skyler knowing she is with the police and essentially takes as much blame as he can off her by going full Heisenberg. He then leaves Holly at a fire station and goes on the run with the help of a contact of Saul Goodman's called Ed "the Disappearer".

Walter goes into hiding for a few months in a lonely cabin in New Hampshire but is determined to get back the money that Jack stole from him to give to Skyler and Walt Jr. However when he phones Walt Jr from a bar his son tells him he doesn't want a penny of it. Dejected from the conversation with his son, Walter calls the police and it looks like he is about to hand himself in until he sees a TV interview with Gretchen and Elliot completely disowning Walter and talking about a large donation they were making to drug rehabilitation in New Mexico.

The opening of 'Felina', the final ever episode of 'Breaking Bad', sees Walter break into (well, he walks in the door) Gretchen and Elliot's swanky new house. He gets them to promise under gunpoint (which is Badger and Skinny Pete holding some lasers out back) that they will give it to Walt Jr on his 18th birthday, saying it's from them.

Walter then visits Skyler to say his goodbyes and gives her the location of Hank's body. It's there he finally admits to her that he wasn't doing all of this for his family, he did it because he liked it and enjoyed it.

Walter leaves and hatches a plan to take down Jack and his fellow white supremacists as they are the final threat left to his family. He crashes a meeting between Todd and Lydia - that really uptight lady they were supplying the meth too for a while. Walter promises some magic drug thing that would be really profitable and arranges a meeting for later on with Jack.  Lydia agrees but with the sole motivation of having Walter killed.

Elsewhere, poor Jesse has been having an awful time of it. We don't ever see Todd torturing Jesse but he has the wounds on his face to prove it. Jack and Todd decided not to kill Jesse but keep him on as their slave cooking blue meth every day. In the penultimate episode, he attempts to escape and as punishment, they take Jesse to Andrea's house to watch Todd shoot her. It's all very devastating. By the time we catch up with Jesse in the final, his hair has grown significantly and he is clearly a broken man fantasising about another life as a carpenter.

In the final scenes of 'Breaking Bad', Walter arrives at Jack's compound with a boot filled with guns and heads into the office. He delays time by goading Jack about going into business with Jesse Pinkman. Determined to prove he wouldn't do business with a rat, Jack gets Jesse from his meth-making duties to prove he is holding him prisoner.

Walter and Jesse are brought face to face once more, and seeing how broken Jesse looks, Walt tackles him to the ground so he can protect him from the onslaught of bullets coming from his car.

Todd survives the shooting but Jesse wraps his chains around his neck and chokes him, while Walter puts a bullet in Jack's head. Jesse then frees himself and grabs a gun and points it at Walter who encourages him to "do it". He spots that Walter has already been accidentally shot from a ricochet of bullets, and puts down his gun telling him to "do it yourself".

Jesse then heads to a car and Walter follows. No words are exchanged between them at this point but in the last moment, they give a nod to each other and Jesse jumps into the car (an El Camino, wouldn't you know) and gets the hell out of dodge. The last shot we see of Jesse is him driving away from the compound hysterically crying and elated with joy over his new-found freedom.

Oh and amongst all this Walter takes a call on Todd's phone from Lydia, telling her that he poisoned her by putting ricin in her sweetener during their meeting.

Walter then heads into the lab, lovingly touches all the equipment (or is putting his fingerprints on them?) and falls to the floor just as the police arrives with the song 'Baby Blue' playing triumphantly in the background.

And there you have it, that's where we left it. As TV show endings go, this one definitely did stick the landing.

Can 'El Camino' do the same? Fingers crossed.

You can read our review on site tomorrow [11th October].

Meanwhile, here's the trailer: