If you've ever watched Man On The Moon, it's up there with Jim Carrey's best work and on par with Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind or Dumb & Dumber.

Carrey pretty much embodied Andy Kaufman's anarchic humour and wildness to the point that he pretty much became him. In fact, Carrey's behind-the-scenes antics were so crazed that Universal essentially blocked any of the B-roll footage and behind-the-scenes stories from getting out because - in Carrey's own words - "so people wouldn't think I was an asshole."

The trailer showcases just some of the clashes Carrey had with Forman, not to mention the fact that he went fully into character for the role. Going by the trailer, it looks like Heart Of Darkness for '90s biopic dramedies.

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond hits Netflix on November 27th.