It looks like Vince Vaughn has joined the cast for season 3 of Netflix series ‘F is For Family’. Vaughn has been an executive producer on the animated series from Bill Burr, and will now feature on the show in a guest role as a character called Colonel Chet Stevenson (a manly name if we ever did hear it).

Netflix describes Vaughn’s character as “a true man’s man and a legendary Air Force fighter pilot who’s spent the last few years in Vietnam before recently transferring back stateside to the local Air Force Base where Young Frank did his Air National Guard service. In short, Chet is everything Frank wishes he could have been.”

As for storyline, Vaughn’s character arrives at a difficult time for lead character Frank Murphy, played by Burr: “At a stressful time when he could really use a friend, the virile and outgoing Chet takes Frank under his wing and, with his new Vietnamese wife on his arm, Chet quickly becomes a major part of Frank’s life and a huge force in the cul de sac.”

The show follows a family going through the trials and changes of the 1970s. It co-stars Laura Dern, Justin Long and Sam Rockwell, and was co-created with Michael Price.

The show is definitely NSFW, as demonstrated by this first clip that has been released from the new season, revealing Vaughn’s character Chet for the first time:

While a premiere date for season 3 has not been officially announced just yet, we heard from the horse's mouth - namely Bill Burr himself - that it will arrive on Netflix in late November.