Seeing as how 'Tiger King' landed just at the start of lockdown when people needed some batshit escapism, you can see how people are hungry for more.

A second season could potentially happen, seeing as how both Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic are in the news pretty regularly with their exploits. However, another rumour surfaced that the producers of 'Tiger King' - Eric Goode and Rebecca Chailkin - were working on another documentary series, this time about Siegfried & Roy.

Siegfried & Roy, for those unfamiliar, were two Las Vegas entertainers and magicians whose stage show regularly involved performing with tigers. In 2003, one of their tigers - a 7-year old white tiger called Montecore - attacked Roy by biting his arm and then biting into his neck and severing his spine. Roy suffered a stroke during the attack and ended the show's run and his career. Roy eventually died earlier this year from COVID-19.

Around the same time, one of Siegfried & Roy's trainers, Chris Lawrence, spoke to THR in a feature about the incident and claimed that the incident was covered up as it would impact both Siegfried & Roy's persona and the casino's image. Siegfried, however, denied this was the case.

As ripe for a documentary as all that is, however, the 'Tiger King' producers won't be tackling it. Speaking to Deadline, 'Tiger King' producer Eric Goode flat-out denied the rumours of their involvement in the story.

"I would simply say (we) categorically are not doing this documentary series involving Roy Horn or Siegfried," Goode told Deadline. "I have met Siegfried and visited his cats in Vegas and him, but we are categorically not doing a story on Siegfried and Roy or anything that really has anything to do with them."

Goode went on, adding that he is working on a new project that "involve our relationship with animals," but stopped short of giving any further information.