US politics is thrown into the spotlight in a much more satirical fashion, with the arrival of the follow-up season to Ryan Murphy's dramatic first series.

'The Politician' season two will arrive on Netflix later this week, and in anticipation of the Judith Light vs. Ben Platt blow-out set to unravel this time around, a trailer has been released.

Highschool politics is now a thing of the past for the upcoming political minds, with their eyes set firmly on taking down Light's New York candidate Dede Standish. However, Standish, who has run unopposed for State Senate for the past number of years, has the firecracker that is Bette Midler's chief of staff, Hadassah Gold, on her side. And boy, is she furious that these youngsters are attempting to overthrow the good thing that she's got going.

Of course, Bette Midler and Judith Light aren't the only people standing in Payton's way, as his mother Georgina - Gwyneth Paltrow - plans to make a momentous decision which may also threaten everything he's hoping to accomplish.

We've been missing seeing some hilariously awkward drama unfold on our screens of late, and the return of 'The Politician' looks like the fill for that void.

Here's the trailer.

'The Politician' season two arrives on Netflix later this week, on June 19.