The first two episodes of Star Trek Discovery are now available on Netflix and so far, the first reviews are looking positive.

We'll have our review online at some stage today, but in the meantime, here's what our colleagues in the US - who got to see it a few hours before us - made of it.

Uproxx's Alan Sepinwall said Discovery was "like a show made by people who love the franchise and its universe," and that "a really good merging of past traditions and present television." Variety's Maureen Ryan praised Sonnequa Martin-Green as "charismatic and quietly forceful in the lead role, and her character is an outsider in many ways, which gives “Discovery’s” writers a lot of interesting psychological territory to explore."

Meanwhile, The Verge called the show "surprisingly satisfying, to the point where it’s easy to forget the hubbub of chaos that surrounded the show’s development," and that it's "off to a promising start." Vox, however, cautioned that it "has some of the problems Trek has always had — like clunky exposition that gums things up early in the premiere," but was largely positive about the show.

Elsewhere, Vulture called the show "a stirring, rare work of science fiction" and that it "stands tall alongside the best-regarded incarnations of the Trek franchise even as it raids elements from all of them."

So, yeah, it's looking good. We'll have our own thoughts and review online later today.