A filmmaker is suing Matt and Ross Duffer for allegedly stealing his concept for 'Stranger Things'.

Charlie Kessler claims that he initially pitched an idea for a a sci-fi story set near an abandoned military base to the Duffer Brothers when he met them at a party at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2014 - which, his lawyer argues, constituted an "implied-in-fact" contract.

He says that the idea was based on his short film 'Montauk' and a feature film script called 'The Montauk Project', which were both set in Montauk, New York - a place where "various urban legends, and paranormal and conspiracy theories" take place, according to Kessler.

His attorney said: "After the massive success of Stranger Things ... Defendants have made huge sums of money by producing the series based on Plaintiff's Concepts."

Neither Netflix nor The Duffer Brothers have yet responded to the lawsuit. Kessler is seeking an injunction to stop The Duffer Brothers from using his concept, to destroy all materials related to the concept and for 'restitution, lost profits and punitive damages'.