Grim psychological thriller series 'The Alienist' has been commissioned for a second season.

The second season is, according to a statement delivered to press, focusing on the source novel's sequel, 'The Angel Of Darkness', released originally in 1997. All three lead actors - that's Daniel Bruhl, Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning - are all slated to return for their respective roles and will pick up in 1897 with Fanning's character, Sara Howard, now a fully-fledged private detective.

The story follows the trio attempting to find the kidnapped daughter of a visiting Spanish dignitary whose daughter has gone missing in New York and leads them to a brutal discovery - a woman who presents herself to the world as a heroic, loving nurse, but may in fact be a vicious child-murderer with ties to a high-profile criminal gang known as the Hudson Dusters.

Given how utterly twisted the first series was, it seems like the second of 'The Alienist' is going to be just as messed up. No air date has been set for the second season, but will likely return some time in 2020 on US station TNT and appear on Netflix UK and Ireland some time shortly after.