As you're no doubt aware, Netflix is chockablock with pretty much every kind of genre and movie for you to enjoy.

But, as with anything, there's the good stuff and the bad stuff - and that's where we come in. We're plucking gems from the Netflix library in a specific genre - action, horror, comedy and drama - for you to watch.

Here are our action picks.



'Inception' has the high-concept premise of a science-fiction movie, but the emotional weight of a romantic drama about guilt in a failed relationship. Yet, throughout it, there's inspirations from the likes of Bond, 'Blade Runner', and even Christopher Nolan's own work. Tying it altogether, however, is the action beats. From the footchase through Mombasa to the Bond-style finale in a hidden mountain base (that's actually in Cillian Murphy's brain), 'Inception' was a hodge-podge of ideas rolled into one sharply executed blockbuster.


'The Accountant'

After 'Gone Girl', 'The Accountant' had the second highest-debut for a thriller of Ben Affleck's career. In spite of its success at the box office though, for many, it's something of a hidden gem. The flick follows Christian Wolff, who has a high-functioning form of autism and works as a forensic accountant at a small strip mall office. But there's much more to Chris than meets the eye as his new co-worker Dana (Anna Kendrick) will soon discover.


'Last Action Hero'

Imagine a spoof of action movies directed by someone who has actually helmed some of the most well-known action movies there is. Starring easily the most recognisable action movie star there is, two nerds wrote it and, subsequently, the screenwriter of some of the most recognisable action movies ever rewrote it. That's 'Last Action Hero'. It's a movie so truly weird that it's kind of incredible it ever happened in the first place. Naturally enough, the movie didn't do well on its initial release and became part of Hollywood legend for the backlash against it. Luckily time has managed to turn it around. Now people appreciate it as a self-aware action movie that's actually pretty decent.


'The Terminator'

Speaking of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, here's another action classic on Netflix. Arnie plays the titular Terminator, a cyborg assassin sent back in time from 2029 to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) before her son, who will one day save humanity, is born. There's a lot of love for 'Judgement Day' but sometimes there's nothing like the original.


'The Expendables 2'

Yes, it's the one with all the '80s action stars in one movie. While 'The Expendables 2' may be reduced to its impressive cast, there's something genuinely enjoyable about how much it just doesn't give a shit. It knows that it's ridiculous, and it has all the tropes and beats you'd expect in any '80s movie. Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham have excellent banter together while Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a villain called Jean Vilain. COME ON.


'The Fugitive'

If we're going to throw in a classic action-thriller or two, we've got to include 'The Fugitive', right? Harrison Ford is Richard Kimble, believed to have murdered his wife, now he must find the real killer. Hot on his trail is a team of U.S. Marshals led by Deputy Samuel Gerard (played by Tommy Lee Jones). It went on to inspire a spin-off, a parody, an Indian remake and short-lived TV series remake.


'The Villainess'

The best way to describe 'The Villainess' is to imagine, if you can, 'John Wick' on speed. Then replace pretty much all the actors in 'John Wick' with South Korean actors. That's about halfway to describing the sheer insanity of it all. There really is nothing we can do to describe it any better than showing you this samurai sword fight on motorbikes. It's... crazy.



Rian Johnson of 'The Last Jedi' fame directs this crackling sci-fi action thriller starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as younger and older versions of the same character. Set in the near future where time travel is only used by crime syndicates, Willis goes on the run in his past. He intends to track down the crime lord who murdered his wife and sent him into the past. Smartly bypassing any kind of the mechanics you'd expect from this kind of movie or even the fact that Levitt and Willis don't really look alike, 'Looper' instead focuses on the action and pacing.


'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'

20th Century Fox's reboot of the 'Planet of the Apes' series is an example of remakes made right. Expanding from the original in both story and scope, the trilogy had the addition of Andy Serkis' outstanding lead motion-capture performance to make this powerful, surprisingly emotional, and exhilarating series of films. 'Dawn' is the second installment and, for many, its best. A decade after they escape, Caesar (Serkis) and his tribe strive for peace with the humans but war seems unavoidable.


Kingsman: The Secret Service'

With 'Rocketman' proving such a hit, a lot of people are revisiting the 'Kingsman' series and with good reason. It's an expert blend of comedy and action following the adventures of Eggsy, a new recruit for the titular British secret agency. Colin Firth plays his mentor and has a couple of awesome scenes which will make you fall in love with him all over. Mark Strong plays the 'Q'-like Merlin while Samuel L. Jackson - whose character has a lisp for some reason - and Sofia Boutella play the bad guys. A prequel to the movie, 'The King's Man', hits cinemas next February.


'Blade Runner 2049'

Like its 1982 cult classic prequel, 'Blade Runner 2049' undeservedly flopped at the box office. Harrison Ford returns as Rick Deckard while Ryan Gosling takes the lead as K, whose investigation into a long-buried secret threatens to destabilise society. The cinematography is nothing short of astounding and Roger Deakins deservedly won his first Oscar for it. As well as including some brilliant action sequences, 'Blade Runner 2049' is a hard-hitting drama which provokes you to ask the big questions about life and love.


'John Wick Chapter 2'

We mentioned 'John Wick' in our discussion of the 'The Villainess' and really any countdown of contemporary action movies without a mention of the Keanu Reeves hero would be incomplete. 'Chapter 2' is on Netflix now (as is 'Chapter 3 - Parabellum'). In this installment, Wick does such awesome things as getting hit by a car multiple times and engaging in a shootout in a cool hall of mirrors. Plus there's the reunion of Reeves with his 'Matrix' co-star Laurence Fishburne *squeals with excitement*