After the first details for the movie leaked online yesterday, Netflix and AMC are clearly getting out ahead of it by finally releasing some footage for 'El Camino', the sequel movie to 'Breaking Bad'.

While we don't see Walter White or Jesse Pinkman, their presence is still being felt as Skinny Pete - one of Jesse's meth-head friends - is brought in for questioning as to where Jesse's gone. Also, check out the two pictures on the wall as the teaser begins.

In case you didn't clock it, it's Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez, both of whom were shot dead by the neo-Nazis in the final episodes. That tells us then that the DEA are the ones who brought in Skinny Pete and are obviously still looking for Jesse.

The idea is that the movie picks up almost straight after where 'Breaking Bad' ended, with Jesse Pinkman speeding off into the night while driving a Chevy El Camino, which is where the title comes from.

'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie' arrives on Netflix on October 11th, and we'll hopefully have a full review before then. For now, here's the teaser.