Netflix have very teasingly revealed the titles of the upcoming episodes from season three of the 80's inspired 'Stranger Things'.

It's nearly time for 'Stranger Things' to return to Netflix for its third season. We say that now, but we don't actually when that will be - although it will definitely be some point in 2019. Filming of the season wrapped up in November.

However, in anticipation of next year's release, Netflix and The Duffer Brothers have been sound enough to give us a little taster of what's in store for the residents of Hawkins, Indiana. Set to take place in 1985, the upcoming title episodes of season three have been revealed. We could listen to these opening credits all the live long day.

Let's take a look at what we can presume will happen during season three's eight episodes. Please bear in mind though, that this is complete and utter speculation.

We're due to get some new characters entering the next season of 'Stranger Things,' and episode one's title confirms that straight away. There's been no Suzie in the series so far, so will she be a new friend for the troublemakers? They're likely getting themselves into another sticky situation when we first meet them.

'Mallrats' is a mid-90's romantic comedy movie, which the second episode might be referencing. Although it's slightly strange to be referencing a 90's movie for something that's set in the 80's, we're just going to go with it. Will somebody be going on a date - or is there a new creature from 'The Upside-Down' that looks like a rat and is terrorising the mall?

A lifeguard seems to go missing in the third episode - could it have something to do with episode four's sauna? Episode five's 'The Source' could be anything, while someone's birthday likely doesn't go to plan in episode six.

Someone, or something, gets bitten in the seventh episode, and the finale seems to set up a battle of some sort. Oh, we cannot wait.

Here's hoping we get a release date soon from Netflix of when we can get our next sci-fi binge on. Are you excited for the return of 'Stranger Things'?