Considering they're both up there with Netflix's most popular shows, it's not surprising that 'Queer Eye' and 'Stranger Things' would cross over.

But while it's not as obvious as the Fab Five appearing out of nowhere in the middle of Hawkins, Indiana, there definitely is a link between the two. In the opening episode of the third season of 'Stranger Things', we find that Nancy and Jonathan are now interning at the Hawkins Post, the local newspaper.

In a scene early in the episode, Nancy goes into the editorial meeting and tries to pitch a story that's shot down by the over-the-top male chauvinist journalists, the leader of which is Jake Busey. However, in the sea of moustaches around the table is the 'Queer Eye' connection.

One of the journalists is none other than William Mahnken from the second season of 'Queer Eye'. William was the Wal-mart employee who suffered from social anxiety and eventually proposed to his girlfriend, Shannan after his makeover.

As it turns out, Shannan was also in 'Stranger Things' as well, and has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo where she's having dinner in the Italian restaurant and looks over her shoulder at Hopper when he stumbles out drunk.

Listen, if we're doing crossovers from Netflix shows, how about having something like Bill Burr's character from 'F Is For Family' drop into the middle of 'Fuller House' and just really go to town on it. That's the crossover people want to see.

'Stranger Things' is currently available on Netflix.