At long last, 'South Park' is being added to Netflix Ireland and UK's library - albeit, not in its entirety.

Netflix confirmed via a tweet from the official Ireland / UK account that Season 1, Seasons 18 through to 21, and a collection of "top episodes", chosen by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are being added on September 27th.

Currently, 'South Park: The Movie' is available on Netflix and has been for some time, but the TV series has been notably absent. Of course, if you've got Amazon Prime Video, then you're fine - you've got 21 seasons of 'South Park' to watch. A fact that Amazon Prime pointed out in a tweet when the announcement came from Netflix.

'South Park' was recently re-upped by Comedy Central for three more seasons, keeping it in the running as the second-longest running animated show on television today. The top spot is, of course, held by 'The Simpsons' with its mammoth 30-season run.

Netflix haven't yet announced what will be in the collection of top episodes, as the choices are likely defined by licensing agreements, but you've got to imagine something like this will feature in it.