You might know him 'Sharp Objects', maybe 'The Mindy Kaling Project' or even 'Six Feet Under', but either way, Chris Messina is joining the third season of 'The Sinner'.

The anthology series follows Detective Harry Ambrose, played by Bill Pullman, as he investigates a different crime each season, with the upcoming season focusing on "a tragic car accident in upstate New York," that eventually spirals into something much more.

Well, yeah, it's a moody crime series - of course there's going to be something much more going. JEEZ.

Anyway, Messina will be joined by 'Papi Chulo' star Matt Bomer, with the two playing college friends, in which an unexpected visit from the latter "unexpectedly alters the course of their friendship and their lives."

Honestly, these aren't plot details at all. These are just random sentences strung together. The second season saw 'Fargo' alum Carrie Coon play the disturbed mother of a young child who's son was up on murder charges, whilst the first season saw Jessica Biel as the perpetrator of a seemingly random murder on a beach.

Of course, as with any procedural crime show, nothing's what it seems and more is revealed as the episodes wear on.

As it stands, no date has been announced for 'The Sinner' on Netflix Ireland and UK as of yet, but it's expected to arrive some time towards the end of 2019 or early 2020 at the very latest.