With Netflix losing the rights to 'Friends', 'The US Office', and a few other well-known sitcoms, it was only a matter of time before 'Seinfeld' was pulled into mix.

After all, 'Seinfeld' had 180 episodes across nine seasons - almost as much as 'Friends' - so it makes sense for a streaming service to pick them up. Netflix announced the deal yesterday, and confirming that the sitcom would be available globally and exclusively through Netflix from 2021.

Per the LA Times, the deal with Netflix and Sony Pictures Television lasts for five years, however the exact figure paid isn't yet known. Previously, Netflix paid $500 million for 'The US Office', and $425 million for 'Friends', and it is rumoured that Netflix paid far more than these figures for the rights to 'Seinfeld'. People don't turn money, it's what separates us from the animals.

Anyway, 'Seinfeld' is still a hugely profitable show, and generates billions per year for its various owners, including Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, and - at one point, anyway - former Trump henchman Steve Bannon. Netflix has been downplaying the loss of 'Friends' and 'The US Office' to its investors, arguing that they're now beginning to pump money into original content and wean themselves off classic shows. This year alone, Netflix promised to spend $15 billion in content, with a large chunk of that money earmarked for original shows and movies.

No air date has been set for 'Seinfeld' on Netflix as of yet, but it's likely that the series will kick off from January 1st as previous shows have.