If you enjoyed 'Narcos: Mexico' as much as we did, you're no doubt aware that a second season was pretty much a foregone conclusion by the final episode.

While we're obviously not going to go into spoilers about it, Scoot McNairy's character plays a big role in the epic conclusion to the first season and was pretty much guaranteed to feature in the second. Well, as you'd expect, today saw confirmation that McNairy is joining the second season and will play grizzled DEA agent Walt Breslin. Breslin's voice is heard throughout the first season, narrating the action as it happens in much the same way that Boyd Holbrook and Pedro Pascal did in 'Narcos'.

Diego Luna is also set to return as Miguel Felix Angel Gallardo, the merciless drug lord who was the centrepoint of the first season. Details are light on what's going to happen in the second season, but really, you could probably check out a Wikipedia article that'll tell you just about all you can about the whole Mexican-American drug war.

For now, we'll leave you with the cracking theme tune from the series. 'Narcos: Mexico' Season 2 is expected in the latter part of 2019.