Although the movies based on 'Resident Evil' may be a guilty pleasure for some, there's no denying that they really didn't reach the potential.

After all, George A. Romero was originally lined up to direct and write the very first movie adaptation before dropping out and being replaced by Paul W.S. Anderson. Not only that, using it as a vehicle to ensure Milla Jovovich has work year in, year out just wasn't going to be a recipe for a decent movie franchise.

Well, now that that's all done with, it's starting over as a TV series this time on Netflix. Variety reports that the streaming giant has ordered eight episodes of a live-action 'Resident Evil', which will be written and produced by one of the people behind The CW's 'Supernatural'.

The series will be set across two distinct time periods. The first is in our present, where a family arrives in Raccoon City and slowly begins to realise that things aren't as they seem in the idyllic suburbs. The second is then set 30 years into the future, where only 15 million people remain on the planet as much of humanity has been wiped out by the T-virus.

'Resident Evil' isn't the only major gaming franchise that's been turned into a TV show lately. Currently, 'Halo' is being turned into a TV series at Showtime, while 'The Witcher' (which may not count since it was a novel series, then a gaming franchise) is already heading into its second season on Netflix.