After the success of 'The Young Offenders', it really was only a matter of time before director / writer Peter Foott caught the attention of major studios.

THR reports that the brains behind the hit TV series is now set to work on a movie for Disney+ called 'Spooked'. Details are light at the moment, but the initial premise sounds like it's perfect for the kind of humour in 'The Young Offenders'.

Essentially, the story follows a night in Halloween where the costumes that everyone wears transforms them to become real. It's understood that Foott is also rewriting the script from the initial premise, however there's been no word yet on casting.

'The Young Offenders' has, as everyone knows, become a huge success for Foott and the cast, not to mention giving Roy Keane his best on-screen performance since that time he tore apart a journalist for having a mobile phone go off in the middle of a press conference.

No release date has been set for 'Spooked' as of yet, but it's exciting to see homegrown talent finally get their recognition.

Here's to more of that.