While we were all bingeing on shows with the trustee box set long before Netflix, the streaming service brought things to a different level when it arrived here in October of 2012 and nowadays it has become pretty much the norm to watch your favourite shows in one fell swoop.

Netflix has today revealed the first shows Irish viewers binged on the streaming service, with Breaking Bad unsurprisingly coming in at number one. Netflix was the only place the final season of the hit show could be seen on these shores and encouraged a hell of a lot of people to subscribe to the service.

Next up is Orange is the New Black, one of the first original series' made by the streaming service, followed by House of Cards and Narcos.

Take a look at the top 20 'first binges' below:

1. Breaking Bad
2. Orange is the New Black
3. House of Cards
4. Narcos
5. Stranger Things
6. Peaky Blinders
7. Making a Murderer
8. Gossip Girl
9. Prison Break
10. Sons of Anarchy
11. Power
12. Suits
13. Pretty Little Liars
14. 13 Reasons why
15. The Inbetweeners
16. The Vampire Diaries
17. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
18. American Horror Story
19. The Killing
20. Homeland

If you're struggling to remember the first show you binge-watched, now you can find out.

Go to your individual account on Netflix, click on your profile icon and go to account, then click 'Viewing Activity' and start scrolling down… then keep scrolling until you hit the bottom of the list.

As long as you haven’t hidden your individual Netflix viewing history you should be able to see what your first binge on the service was.