If you've spent an inordinate amount of time cycling through Netflix looking for something to watch and cursed it for the lack of a shuffle feature, you're in luck.

A number of users have reported that Netflix has begun trialling a new feature that will randomly select a TV show or movie for you to watch called 'Play Something'. The feature has so far been made available on Android apps and on the Amazon Fire stick, but hasn't been made available on the site itself or via Apple TV.

Netflix had previously trialled the 'shuffle' feature last year, and is likely trying it again to gather more usage information and beta-testing data this time around. Since lockdown begun, the streaming giant has been subtly updating features on the service, including removing content from the 'Continue Watching' queue.

So far, it's not known if and / or when the 'Play Something' feature will be added to all Netflix accounts, but for the time being, get used to scrolling through until you see something vaguely familiar before moving on to something else before ultimately giving up and watching that TV show you always watch for the twentieth time.