Get ready for your next big binge, as another Charles Forsman graphic novel is getting the Netflix treatment.

From the mind who created 'The End of the F***ing World', based on a graphic novel of the same name, comes 'I Am Not Okay With This' which is another coming-of-age entry that looks right up our street.

While his previous Netflix effort featured two teens running away from their problems, it seems like the characters of 'I Am Not Okay With This' are going to have to face their problems head on, while being teenagers, and dealing with everyday drama and relationships - oh, and they also happen to have superpowers.

From the teaser trailer we get to see of the new series below, it looks just as awkwardly funny as you would expect from the man who placed two teenagers on a roller coaster adventure in the British countryside *twice*.

The series also boasts a cracking cast too, starring young actors Sophia Lillis and Wyatt Oleff who you'll recognize from Stephen King's recent 'It' adaptations. Kathleen Rose Perkins from 'Gone Girl' also stars, as well as up-and-coming actors Sofia Bryant, Richard Ellis, and Aidan Wojtak-Hissong. 

Netflix's brief synopsis for the series is as follows: "Dear Diary, why is this so awkward? Angsty Syd navigates high school awkwardness, family drama and an unrequited crush on her best friend while trying to rein in her budding superpowers."

'I Am Not Okay With This' arrives on Netflix Wednesday, February 26.