Now that Harry and Meghan are set to drop their HRH titles, the big question is about what they're going to do next.

Many have speculated that they're both set to sign deals with the likes of Netflix, Apple or even just retreat from public life altogether and do their own thing. In the case of Netflix, however, they've staked themselves out as being interested.

In an interview with the Press Association in Los Angeles, Ted Sarandos - that's Netflix's Chief Content Officer - confirmed that they're interested. "Who wouldn’t be interested?" Sarandos said.

Already, Meghan Markle has been reported as having booked a voiceover role for Disney in exchange for a donation to an elephant charity. On top of that, the Obamas - who are close friends of Harry and Meghan - signed a deal shortly after leaving the White House to help produce and create documentaries and movies for Netflix.

What with Meghan's background in acting, something like a Netflix deal could well be the right move for them. Per the statement that circulated last night, Harry and Meghan are set to leave behind their HRH titles in the coming months and will no longer receive UK taxpayer funds.

The date for 'Megxit' has been set for Spring 2020, which just so happens to be Pilot Season in the US. Maybe Harry can get a spin-off of 'The Crown' or something?