In case you needed further evidence for your personal "Donald Trump has an observable psychiatric disorder" file, here's another one.

In a Deadline interview with the filmmakers behind Netflix's political documentary, Get Me Roger Stone, they described an odd moment in which Donald Trump shouted at thin air. Really.

"There was no one in the other room. He was yelling at an imaginary person, blaming them for making noise for (his) misspeaking," explained Daniel DiMauro, one of the documentary's directors. "We think it’s representative of what kind of person Trump really is inside. He’s someone who could never admit a mistake and has to blame someone else for some sort of failure."

Not only that, Trump later called Stone following his on-camera interview and described the filmmakers to him as "a bunch of liberals," and called the documentary "a hit piece."

You can judge for yourself, as the documentary is now on Netflix and is now under Oscar consideration.


Via Deadline