Two of Netflix's weekly comedy shows, 'The Joel McHale Show' and 'The Break With Michelle Wolf' have both been cancelled by the streaming service.

While the service has been investing more heavily into comedy shows and stand-up specials, these shows are among the most high-profile that have been cancelled in some time. 'The Joel McHale Show' followed a similar blueprint to McHale's excellent E! show, 'The Soup', which saw him rip mercilessly into reality TV shows and whatever else he felt like, often with the help of celebrity guests. The format changed from a weekly show to a binge version, which essentially saw all episodes released in one go.

'The Break With Michelle Wolf', meanwhile, had more of a late-night comedy show vibe ala 'Late Night With Seth Meyers' and had monologues, sketches and guest interviews along the way. Michelle Wolf began her career writing for Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah's show, before she branched out into her own series. The final episode aired on Netflix on July 29th.

While Netflix doesn't release viewing figures, it seems clear that neither show was a hit for the streaming service.