At long last, an actual release date for the second season of 'Mindhunter' has been confirmed.

Speaking to KCRW's The Treatment podcast, David Fincher confirmed the release date for August 16th, which is a little over than a month away. On the episode, Fincher discusses how the second season will jump forward to a time where talk of serial killers is now much more common in the mainstream.

On top of that, the use of music - which was something the first season did brilliantly - plays a part in the gruesome and disturbing images on screen. Interestingly, Fincher also talks about how 'Mindhunter' is much more different from 'Se7en', with the idea of that movie being much less than rooted in reality than 'Mindhunter'.

Previously, Charlize Theron had announced that she believed that the show would be on Netflix some time in August, but with this podcast, it's now a confirmed date and there'll likely be a trailer or announcement from Netflix pretty soon.

Here's the creepy AF teaser from the first season.