Despite some pretty emotional Instagram posts and even some haircuts, 'Stranger Things' is not coming to an end with its third season.

Millie Bobby Brown was on 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' last night and, amidst painting Colbert's nails for charity, also cleared up some rumours about the show.

When asked straight-up if the show was ending, Brown was emphatic. "No, I'm just a very emotional person. When it comes to my closest people, like, I'm not good at goodbyes."

She went on, adding that it was her last day of filming that season, not the show. Not only that, Brown also received a call from Netflix after the posts went viral, telling her to keep quiet about information on the show.

So, there, you have it. Nothing to worry about, and we can all expect 'Stranger Things' to roll on for another couple of seasons - or until we all get off this '80s nostalgia drive that Western pop culture seems to be on.

Here's the interview in full, complete with nail varnishing.