Although we here in Ireland might associate Sabrina The Teenage Witch with Melissa Joan Hart, the character's been around since 1962 in Archie Comics and had her own animated series as far back as 1970.

Since the success of Riverdale - which is also based on Archie Comics - Netflix are now moving forward with another over-the-top teenage dramatic adaptation of Sabrina, with Kiernan Shipka to take the title role.

Most people will recognise Shipka as Sally Draper, the troubled child of Don and Betty Draper, played by Jon Hamm and January Jones respectively. There's no word yet on a date of when it'll be available on Netflix, but they're missing a trick if they don't get either Jon Hamm as the voice of Salem or January Jones as Aunt Zelda.

Who could play Harvey or Aunt Hilda, though? Let us know in the comments!