Although 'The Mandalorian' isn't available (legally, anyway) on this side of the Atlantic until the end of next month, the internet has meant that we have all shared in the wonder that is Baby Yoda.

Even if you never saw an episode of the show, or even if you don't know who Yoda is let alone the baby version, people have been captivated by the little guy. Is it the ears? Those big, giant eyes? Is it the prefix of 'Baby' that catches people out? Who knows.

Either way, 'The Mandalorian' and its success has meant that people have been clamouring for merch with the little guy and now, at long last, you can buy a life-size version of the character to carry around with you. The floating crib, however, isn't included.

The life-size figure stands at 16.5 inches tall, comes with a free-standing base and "a tan fabric coat swaddling The Child as it gazes up with charming wide eyes, hiding the silver shift knob from the Razor Crest™ in its right hand."

So, the price? Well, it's $350.00, but really, what is money next to this little guy? What's the point in toiling daily if you can't blow this kind of cash on something like this?

Odds are Werner Herzog's bought his already. Officially known as 'The Child', the life-size collectible won't be ready to ship until between August and October, but you can place your order here.