In a series of 20 tweets, Kathleen Zellner laid her arguments and evidence that she believes proves beyond a doubt that Steven Avery is innocent.

Zellner took over the defense of 'Making A Murderer' subject Steven Avery from Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, and has been working on the case since the second series premiered some weeks ago.

The evidence and arguments, which she said were not seen in 'Making A Murderer', prove beyond a doubt that not only did Steven Avery not kill Teresa Halbach, but that he was framed for doing so.

Here's the tweets, in order, as she posted them.

And just for the local angle, Zellner also tweeted a picture of the 'Free Steven Avery' banner that flew during the Ireland v. Northern Ireland match on Thursday.

So, thoughts? For one thing, the argument that Avery was not only innocent but framed seemed pretty clear from the first season. Zellner's new evidence makes it pretty clear that someone went to the effort of moving Halbach's Rav4, and changed the battery in order to do so.

Over to you. What do you make of the new evidence? Do you still believe that Avery is guilty? Let us know in the comments.