The Punisher was, far and away, the most intense of Netflix and Marvel's offerings - especially in its portrayal of gun violence and PTSD.

A number of promotional events for the series were cancelled in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting last year, and more recently, the Punisher's logo - the skull and fangs - was sighted on alt-right and white supremacists during the Charlottesville riots. For Jon Bernthal - who plays The Punisher - he's pretty clear about how he feels about them as fans.

"F*ck them," said Bernthal in an interview with Esquire.

He went on, explaining that he himself is a gun owner, but that there needs to be dialogue about gun control and violence in America. "Should there be a way that a guy with mental issues like the asshole in Texas can’t get guns? Absolutely. We have to have a dialogue, and that’s not happening."

You can read the full interview here.


Via Esquire