Netflix and Adam McKay have secured Jennifer Lawrence in a new comedy film which will release later this year.

Entitled 'Don't Look Up', the comedy will see Lawrence will play an astronomer who tries to warn mankind of an impending asteroid that's set to destroy Earth.

We haven't seen Lawrence on our screens a whole lot recently, probably due to the fact she married her art dealer husband Cooke Maroney in October last year. The last time we saw her on cinema screens was last year's forgetful 'Dark Phoenix', where she was on the screen for all of 10 minutes. But with Adam McKay taking over the reins, she seems to be in pretty safe hands with this project.

McKay is well-known for writing, directing, and producing some of Hollywood's biggest movies. His back catalogue includes 'Ant-Man', 'Vice', and Oscar-winner 'The Big Short'. He has worked very closely with Will Ferrell in the past, with the pair teaming up for some of his best efforts, including 'The Other Guys', 'Anchorman 2', and 'Step Brothers'. He also worked as an executive producer in Ferrell's upcoming Netflix film based on the (now) worldwide phenomenon 'Eurovision'.

Netflix are very excited about the pair's upcoming comedy, but as of yet no other casting announcements have been made. Lawrence is due to be one half of a pair of low-level astronomers, so we'll likely hear word on who will be joining her very soon. Filming is to begin this April.

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