'Dark Tourist' has proven a hit on Netflix over the past few months, with New Zealand-based journalist David Farrier and his crew travelling the globe to investigate some of the more unusual sites and attractions that have drawn people to see them for different reasons.

In one episode, Farrier visits the largely abandoned Fukushima area of Japan, which was devastated by a tsunami following an earthquake in 2011, when its nuclear power plant was destroyed, wreaking havoc on the environment and making it a no-go area.

He goes on an organised tour with other tourists - who are aghast at the mounting levels of radiation shown on their geiger counters - and at one point, sneaks into a forbidden area to look around an abandoned video game arcade. At another point, he and the group eat a meal in a nearby town and are concerned that it may be contaminated by radiation.

Now, however, it seems that the show may have legal repercussions as according to reports, the Fukushima Prefectural Government and the Reconstruction Agency are considering taking action for it 'fuelling unreasonable fears'.

The FPG say that they are co-operating with the Reconstruction Agency and are "examining the video content."

Neither Farrier nor Netflix have commented on the reports as yet.