If you haven't yet watched 'Green Room' or 'Blue Ruin', you're truly missing out as they're two of the strongest thrillers made in the past decade and announced Jeremy Saulnier as a directing talent to watch out for.

In fact, since he completed 'Green Room', there's been countless rumours about what he'd work on next - the prevailing theory being 'True Detective', which turned out to be true who directed two episodes of the upcoming third season. Anyway, Saulnier's next movie due to be released is the Netflix original, 'Hold The Dark'.

Set in the Alaskan wilderness and written by 'Blue Ruin' scribe Macon Blair, it follows a retired wolf expert (Jeffrey Wright) who's been hired by a mother (Riley Keough) who believes her missing son was taken by a pack of man-eating wolves. However, when her violent husband (Alexander Skarsgard) returns home from the Iraq War, the situation rapidly spirals out of control.

Needless to say, if you any idea how utterly f*cked up 'Green Room' is, you have some idea how crazy this is going to get. Take a look.

'Hold The Dark' arrives on Netflix on September 28th.