There's a bucketload of new content coming to Netflix this August.

With great TV series, docs, movies, comedy and stuff for kids, Netflix continues to be the go-to streaming service when it comes to finding something new to watch.

Mind you, that might all change as the expansive options for streaming services - including the arrival of Disney+ - make the landscape more competitive.

Until then though, here's everything you have to look forward to on Netflix next month.



GLOW: Season 3 - 9th August

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling are back for Round 3. This time, they're headed for glamorous Las Vegas to kick off a run of shows.


Dear White People: Volume 3 - 2nd August

Also back for a third season is 'Dear White People.' In Volume 3, the arrival of a charismatic professor shakes up life on campus for the students of Winchester.


MINDHUNTER: Season 2 - 16th August

If you haven't seen crime thriller series 'Mindhunter', which follows the activities of two FBI agents in the Behavioral Science Unit, do yourself a favor and check it out immediately. Season 2 covers the Atlanta murders of 1979–81.


The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance - 30th August

This prequel to the to the 1982 Jim Henson film 'The Dark Crystal' follows three Gelflings who discover the horrifying secret behind the Skeksis’ power, and thus set out on an epic quest to save their world.


Cable Girls: Season 4 - 9th August

This Spanish period drama series has proven a hit with audiences as it enters season 4. It follows four women who work for a telecommunications company in 1920s Madrid.


Black Adder: Seasons 3&4 - 15th August

Seasons 3 and 4 of fan favourite 'Black Adder', starring Rowan Atkinson and Tony Robinson, arrive on Netflix next month (seasons 1 and 2 are already available).


Power: Season 6 - 26th August

The sixth and final season of crime drama 'Power' hits Netflix on at the end of the month.



Ex Machina - 1st August

This modern sci fi classic comes from the director of 'Annihilation'. Alicia Vikander plays a highly advanced humanoid A.I. while Oscar Isaac plays the CEO of the company that designed her and Domhnall Gleeson plays a programmer at the company.


Happy Feet - 15th August

The strangest thing about 'Happy Feet' is not that it's an animated musical about singing, dancing penguins, but that's it by the same director as 'Mad Max'. So random.


Psycho - 16th August

The 1960 seminal horror starring Anthony Perkins and directed by Alfred Hitchcock hits Netflix mid-month. Not to be confused with the Christian Bale starrer 'American Psycho', though that's on Netflix too.


Mother! - 22nd August

If you haven't yet seen the artsy-fartsy Jennifer Lawrence starrer that is 'mother!' it's worth seeing purely to decide whether you're in the camp that loves the film or hates it.


8 Mile - 16th August

Remember when Eminem made a movie based on his career?


Blade Runner 2049 - 28th August

The sequel to the 1982 sci fi classic 'Blade Runner' stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. As well as being visually spectacular, its action scenes are awesome and story is surprisingly moving.


Kingman: The Secret Service - 24th August

The 'Kingsman' franchise has proven very popular with two in the bag, a prequel coming next year, and three more movies in the works. This is the one that started it all.




The Family - 9th August

This should prove a documentary of interest to Irish audiences given our own history of church and state. 'The Family' investigates a Christian fundamentalist organization called The Fellowship, which quietly operated in the corridors of power in Washington, D.C.



Based on a popular column in the NYT, this series follows various patients on their journeys towards finding a diagnosis, and potentially a cure, for their mysterious illnesses.