'GLOW' has fast become one of Netflix's best original offerings, and the third season looks set to be just as good.

If you recall, the second season ended with the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling hopping on a bus and heading to Las Vegas to continue the show. However, while it might have kept the show itself going, the wheels are starting to come off for the cast.

For one, Debbie (Betty Gilpin) is becoming more and more distracted by missing her child, whilst Joan (Alison Brie) has her own struggles with creativity. Sam, played by 'WTF Podcast' host Marc Maron, also has his own demons to battle in Vegas - and all while this is happening, they've got to put on a wrestling show in the middle of it. Geena Davis joins the cast as the casino's entertainment director, as well, and all the original cast are back for more.

The third season of 'GLOW' hits Netflix on August 9th.