'The Mighty Ducks' was a sports movie trilogy that 90s kids adored for its ragtag team. Sure the critics didn't like it, but those films just got to us. So now that 'The Mighty Ducks' is getting the remake treatment, we can't complain.

There's more good news today as it looks like original star Emilio Estevez (also renowned for 'The Breakfast Club' and 'St. Elmo's Fire') has a starring role in the reboot.

The series will follow a 13-year-old boy who starts his own hockey team with his mom after he's kicked off the junior division Mighty Ducks team.

In the original movie, Estevez played a reckless young lawyer named Gordon Bombay. After getting arrested for drunk driving, he's forced to coach a kids hockey team for community service.

Estevez returned to the role of Coach Bombay for both 'The Mighty Ducks' sequels. The news of his joining the spin-off series, which is for Disney+, was broken by theilluminerdi.com. Mind you, it has yet to be confirmed officially by Disney

Emilio Estevez is currently on the promo trail for his directorial effort 'The Public'. In an interview with The Guardian for the movie, he told them one movie of his he doesn't see being remade anyway is 'St Elmo's Fire'.

When asked about his character Kirbo in the film, the actor reflected: “If they were to remake that movie now they would never include that character. That film … I know people hold it as a fond memory, but it’s not a great film.”

As long as Estevez continues press for 'The Public', we figure someone will ask him about 'The Mighty Ducks' eventually. And then we'll know for sure.

In the meantime, all we can say is c'mon Emilio Estevez! Ducks fly together!