Though they vary greatly in credibility, fan theories are always fascinating in their mad little ways. A recent trend has been to get the actor that stars in the TV show or movie the fan theory is about to give their take on it, for example, Chris O’Dowd recently responded to ‘The IT Crowd’ fan theories while John Travolta weighed in on that ‘Sandy is actually dead’ fan theory for ‘Grease.’ In this latest, David Harbour, who plays Chief Hopper in ‘Stranger Things’, analysed fan theories about the hit Netflix sci fi series.

Before proceeding, Harbour stressed that this is a spoiler free video and that he is merely weighing in on the theories from his own knowledge of the show.

The first theory contemplates whether the Upside Down is the future, after the US government drops an atomic bomb on Hawkins. The theory argues that the Demogorgon can travel through time and Eleven can predict the future. While Harbour admitted that the Upside Down is ‘a reflection of Hawkins’ and that the theory was an excellent one, he can’t say whether it’s true. The actor did divulge that the Upside Down’s specific time and place will be delved into in more detail in the new season.

Later, when considering the theory about the character Murray being a secret Russian spy, Harbour said he doesn’t think so, and revealed that Murray is going to feature more in the show in the future.

Other questions asked include Is Terry Ives the key to the Upside Down? Are demogorgons descendants of human beings? Is the Demogorgan a manifestation of Eleven’s trauma? And Is Steve the real father of Jean Ralphio from Parks and Recreation?