If you haven't yet watched the latest season of 'The Boys' on Prime Video, you really need to get on that right away.

The show is a biting, utterly f*cked-up satire of superhero culture, imagining a world where super-powered heroes exist in the world and they're all self-centred, egotistical assholes. Chief among them is Homelander, an all-American, blond-haired, blue-eyed, Jesus-loving superhero who has the US flag as his cape.

If you're thinking to yourself, "Wow, that sounds basically like Captain America...", you're right. A lot of the superheroes in 'The boys' are thinly-layered pastiches of popular superheroes, like Queen Maeve and Wonder Woman, Black Noir and Batman, and A-Train and the Flash.

This deepfake, however, manages to take it a step further and puts Chris Evans - who plays Captain America - into the role of Homelander. To be fair to Antony Starr, it's a credit to him that he absolutely nails the role of Homelander and you can't imagine Chris Evans doing it any better.

Still and all, this is kind of terrifying to look at.

Deepfaked Chris Evans onto Homelander from r/TheBoys