Depending on who you ask, San Junipero is either one of the best episodes of Black Mirror or worst.

There's no denying that the episode was a major departure from the rest of the series, and its beautiful and upbeat ending was utterly out-of-step with just about everything viewers came to expect from the series.

That was, according to writer / creator Charlie Brooker, the reason why they did it - to help reset the rest of the series. However, it wasn't all '80s pop hits and romance in the episode during the original draft. As Brooker explained in an interview with THR, there were certain aspects left out that could be turned into a new episode - if not a straight sequel.

"I’d originally written a scene where Gugu’s character, Kelly, is in a kindergarten and there are children there and when you realize what’s going on, it’s that these are deceased children. It was too sad and too poignant of a note to hit in that story, but I kept thinking about how that felt like a whole world in and of itself," said Brooker.

On the subject of a sequel to San Junipero, though, Brooker admits that he and producer Allison Jones have thought about it, but that it'd been in a completely different form than a straight sequel. "We do like to drop Easter eggs every so often in other episodes, so we may be referring to San Junipero again. It’s difficult because I don’t think we’d revisit those characters. That felt like such a story and we wouldn’t want to open it up again."

Speaking of Easter eggs and crossovers, Brooker discussed one episode in the upcoming series where he "opened up an Easter egg hose and fired away."

Black Mirror returns to Netflix later this year.