'South Park' has finally arrived on Netflix Ireland and the UK. Mind you, it's not there in its entirety.

As confirmed previously by the streaming service, seasons 1 and 18 through 21 have been added. Thereis also a selection of 'South Park Top Episodes' from other seasons.

The adult animated sitcom can be hit and miss. But when it hits, it hits and is one of the best satirical programmes on TV.

It's clear from the 'Top Episodes' picks that the guys at Netflix know when the series gets it right. But there are some hidden gems in the other seasons on the service as well.

Here are the ones we recommend.


From 'South Park Top Episodes'...


With 'Detective Pikachu' having hit cinemas just earlier this year, Pokémon are fresh in everyone's heads and the parody should hit home harder than ever.


Scott Tenorman Must Die

Probably one of the funniest and most messed up episodes of the entire series - Cartman has never been more evil. (This is essential viewing ahead of 'South Park' saga 'Imaginationland')


The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers

You can probably guess from the title what this episode parodies. It sees the boys attempt to return a copy of "The Lord of the Rings" to a video store, unaware that it accidentally got swapped with a video their parents rented.


Casa Bonita

Another Cartman classic that shows there are no lengths the kid won't go to. When Kyle invites Butters instead of Cartman as one of his friends to a dinner at the Disneyland-like Mexican theme park, he hatches a plan.


Good Times with Weapons

The boys turn into anime warrior characters after buying martial arts weapons at a local market. Violence and hilarity ensue.



Cartman and Butters are two of the best characters of 'South Park' and episodes that follow them both ('The Death of Eric Cartman' being another great one) are always brilliant. In this one, Cartman pranks Butters by pretending to be his robot friend.


Make Love, Not Warcraft

Utilising the animation of the hit Blizzard game, the boys take on a gamer who refuses to play by the rules. Now they're the only ones who can save the World... of Warcraft.


Imaginationland I-III

This three-parter brings together all the best references from across the 'South Park' series. A must-see for die-hard fans.



'Margaritaville' is probably one of the best satires out there of the financial crash. The episode even won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program.



Jimmy attempts to write the world's best joke and somehow Kanye West up in the mix. Only 'South Park' could come up with this.


Dances with Smurfs

The final twist of this episode was a stroke of genius but what precedes it, detailing what happens when Cartman lands the job of making the school morning announcements, is just as funny.



From Season 18...

Gluten Free Ebola

It's calmed down since but there was a period there when everyone was going gluten free. This episode ingeniously satirises the movement.


Cock Magic

A mistaken understanding of what exactly 'cock magic' is leads to a very bold, very funny episode.



From Season 19...

You're Not Yelping

One of the stronger newer episodes of 'South Park' sees the townspeople discover they can wield much power being a Yelp reviewer or 'critic'.


Safe Space

Another brilliant contemporary one featuring new character PC Principal sees Cartman require a safe space after getting negative comments on a picture he posts online.